• Venturing Back to the East Coast

    Hey everyone. I wanted to check in with a personal post and let you know about some changes going on with my writing, projects, and general life status.

    As you may know, I spent the last two years living in Colorado. It was a great chance to experience a different lifestyle out West and explore the beautiful Rocky Mountains. My wife had an opportunity to go to grad school in Denver, which she successfully completed a few months ago. Since then, both she and I have had renewed opportunities on the East Coast (Pennsylvania to be specific). As a result we made the cross-country trek back to the land of trees and cheese steaks.


    It was a multi-day move but we got through it relatively unscathed. This was my first extended experience with a moving truck and it had been years since I last drove a vehicle with a trailer. Despite these obvious potential problems we managed to avoid any extreme traffic complications and I only kissed a handful of curbs while making turns and leaving gas stations.

    Now that I’m back, I have fresh focus and will be looking to finish a few serious undertakings. Let me share some of those thoughts and updates.

    Reflections on the CSV’s and Castle Rock Karate Kobudo

    While in Colorado I took on a number of challenges in order to improve my overall martial arts maturity. One was to join the Community Safety Patrol operated by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. The program is essentially a posse building unit that allows qualified citizens to undertake the county police academy, puts the graduates in uniforms and marked cars, and has them assist full deputies in crime prevention and crowd control situations. I learned a lot about self defense, human tendencies, and matters of the law. It gave me a peek into the world of law enforcement and after two years of training and patrolling I can definitely say I have a new appreciation for how martial arts fit into the modern world. I intend to create a more complete blog post recounting my experience, so keep an eye out for that.

    community safety speech

    Two of the saddest things about leaving Colorado for me was leaving the mountains and the Castle Rock Karate Kobudo program. The CRKK was my first independent school despite having taught for over 15 years before that. The students I acquired there were great and I’ll be doing my best to make sure their martial arts journey does not end with my leaving.

    Establishing an Eastern Dojo

    Now that I am back East one of my primary focuses will be to establish my own dojo facility. I will be working in close collaboration with my instructor, C. Bruce Heilman, to ensure that the school carries on the traditions and methods of Okinawa Kenpo. When I secure a location and begin operation of the program I will be sure to inform all the readers here. Perhaps you can even help me develop my initial group of students!

    Finishing My Latest Book Project

    There has been some murmurings around IkigaiWay regarding my latest book project. It is still under the radar but I have been working hard on it for over a year. It is coming together and I am approaching the phase where I will begin revealing it to the public. This is my most ambitious undertaking ever and I hope everyone will be as excited to read it as I have been to write it.

    book question

    Thanks for your time and stay tuned for more updates and articles!

  • How to NOT Get Triangle Choked During Guard Passing


    Stephan Kesting from http://www.grapplearts.com shows some tricks and details to avoid getting caught in the triangle choke when using the smashing or stacking guard pass in BJJ
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  • SILAT BUKA LINGKARAN : Instructors Kieth Widdows & Ash Miah demon 02/08/14


    http://www.silatopencircle.com : "SILAT BUKA LINGKARAN : Instructors Kieth Widdows & Ash Miah demon 02/08/14". Filmed at the Instructors Day. Here's a glimpse of SBL Instructors Keith Widdows and Ash Miah demonstrating a set training drill using the basic blocks/evasions using different level change. The idea is to keep everything moving and to develop timing, rhythm, fluidity and smooth transitions from posture to posture. Anyone interested in learning SBL can now do so with Ash in London or with Keith at Bognor Regis. For further details on SBL, the latest news and events please go to http://www.silatopencircle.com or like us at www.facebook.com/SilatBukaLing­­­­­­karan Hope you enjoy the clip!
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  • Muay Thai Training Videos: Inside Master Toddy’s Cobra Strike

    Muay Thai training expert Master Toddy and his son photographed for Black Belt magazine.“Ninety percent of my fighters win using the cobra.”

    When a statement like that comes out of the mouth of a man who’s renowned as a trainer of kickboxing and MMA champions — people like Gina Carano, Tito Ortiz, Maurice Smith, Kit Cope and Lisa King, plus the cast of two seasons of the Fight Girls reality-TV series — you can’t help but pay attention. I know I couldn’t. That’s why I asked Master Toddy, the man behind those words, to leave his Las Vegas training center for a day and visit the Black Belt offices for an interview and photo shoot.

    As soon as he arrives, I press him for details on the serpent. “Once fighters learn the cobra, they don’t have to think,” he says. “They just let go.”

    Intrigued, I ask about its origin, half expecting him to reference some mystical monk in a mountain temple. I’m pleased and relieved when he doesn’t. “When I was in school, I was in a lot of bare-knuckle fights — they were very popular at that time,” says Toddy, who left Thailand 30 years ago for Manchester, England, and eventually the United States. “I thought, if I go bang, bang, bang, I’ll get hurt, as well. So I set out to create a technique that would finish them off faster. It resulted in the cobra.

    This FREE download will get elbows into your MMA game!
    Master Toddy’s MMA-Tested Muay Thai Techniques: 3 Elbow Attacks That Can Improve Your Fighting Game

    “Now, every time one of my fighters competes, I’m in his corner telling him, ‘Get ready for the cobra!’ And then the cobra strikes. The referee knows that he has to come over and pick up the opponent.”

    Muay Thai Training: What Is the Cobra Strike?

    The technique, I quickly discover, is a rear-hand punch. “You hold it like a cobra,” Toddy says. That means your hand, half open with your palm facing forward, is positioned somewhat forward of your face and a little off to the side.

    “It’s coiled like a cobra, open and ready to strike,” he says. “Because it’s always ready, when it’s used, it seems to come from nowhere.”

    Toddy starts to demo the technique, his hand hovering and his feet shifting. I must admit that it’s distracting, almost mesmerizing. Without telegraphing, he unleashes the punch, and it comes as a total surprise — even though I know it’s coming.

    Muay Thai Training: How the Cobra Strike Works

    The cobra, by itself, could be a formidable weapon, but envisioning it as a stand-alone technique is selling it short, Toddy says. To demonstrate, he and his son, Dayel “Diesel” Sitiwatjana — who now fights under the name Toddy Junior — show me how the cobra is combined with kicks in a way that plays on human psychology:

    Muay Thai Training Video: Master Toddy’s Cobra Strike — Part 1

    Muay Thai Training Video: Master Toddy’s Cobra Strike — Part 2

    Muay Thai Training Video: Master Toddy’s Cobra Strike — Part 3

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  • Kettlebell Basics with Rik Brown - Bonus Workout


    Brought to you by http://www.Budovideos.com 7495 Anaconda Ave. Garden Grove CA 92841 800.451.4828 Follow us on http://www.facebook.com/budo4life and http://www.twitter.com/budovideos
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  • Kettlebell Basics with Rik Brown - Sample Workouts


    Brought to you by http://www.Budovideos.com 7495 Anaconda Ave. Garden Grove CA 92841 800.451.4828 Follow us on http://www.facebook.com/budo4life and http://www.twitter.com/budovideos
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  • Kettlebell Basics with Rik Brown - Turkish Getup


    Brought to you by http://www.Budovideos.com 7495 Anaconda Ave. Garden Grove CA 92841 800.451.4828 Follow us on http://www.facebook.com/budo4life and http://www.twitter.com/budovideos
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  • Time Travel Tuesdays Kayron Gracie vs Ian McPherson 2008 Pan Ams


    Brought to you by http://www.Budovideos.com 7495 Anaconda Ave. Garden Grove CA 92841 800.451.4828 Time Travel Tuesdays found this match between Brown Belts Kayron Gracie and Ian McPherson in the 2008 Pan Ams Championships. Check out Michael Langhi's De La Riva DVD at: http://www.budovideos.com/de-la-riva-dvd-by-michael-langhi.html Follow us on http://www.facebook.com/budo4life and http://www.twitter.com/budovideos
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  • Master Ken vs. The Karate Hottie 2


    Michelle Waterson a.k.a. "The Karate Hottie" returns for more Ameri-Do-Te instruction from Master Ken, this time demonstrating the "Spinning Elbow". See Michelle fight on September 6th, 2014 for Invicta FC 8: http://invictafc.com/ Additional Links: Outtakes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyFOI1wOiIE Master Ken Ice Bucket Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXMUkLx_Vs0&list=UUxrd1I7wmE2chwpoqD4DSTA Dojo Store: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFXci_RkYlM&list=UUxrd1I7wmE2chwpoqD4DSTA Karate Hottie Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BzpvAPTOdo&list=PLH5ufC2Hs5xjULam2bBemjxxw6r-B0rhZ&index=2 Music by Kevin MacLeod www.incompetech.com
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  • Rolled Up Episode 41: Clark Gracie Part 1 of 2


    San Diego California is known for it's almost perfect year round weather and among many other things, the jiu jitsu. Probably home to more Black Belts than Rio, San Diego is also home to Clark Gracie. Son of Carley Gracie, he's the most competitively active member of the Gracie Family today. Budo Jake spends the day with Clark for a little San Diego fun, jiu jitsu and to learn a bit more about the ridiculously photogenic jiu jitsu guy. Adidas Combat sports http://www.acsgear.com/ and Defense Soap http://www.defensesoap.com/ Brought to you by http://www.Budovideos.com 7495 Anaconda Ave. Garden Grove CA 92841 800.451.4828 Follow us on http://www.facebook.com/budo4life and http://www.twitter.com/budovideos
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  • Rolled Up Episode 41: Clark Gracie Part 2 of 2


    Clark Gracie takes us to his La Jolla academy to visit with his good friend Rafael Dallinha. Here Clark runs class and shows us some of his favorite open guard positions and attacks as well as some unique details on finishing his favorite position, the omoplata This episode sponsored in part by Adidas Combat sports http://www.acsgear.com/ and Defense Soap http://www.defensesoap.com/ Brought to you by http://www.Budovideos.com 7495 Anaconda Ave. Garden Grove CA 92841 800.451.4828 Follow us on http://www.facebook.com/budo4life and http://www.twitter.com/budovideos
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  • How to Change Cops into Police Officers


    Warrior Radio http://www.247TheStream.com/wellness Join Dominick Izzo every Sunday night, 7pm Central time, for Warrior Radio! Become the Warrior you were called to be! Grab your personal battles by the throat, stare them in the eye with courage and know you are not alone in fighting your wars, you have an army of Warriors behind you! Join Dominick Izzo as he explores the ultimate weapon against all of life's wars...unlimited human potential! Listen to stories of pain, passion and perseverance and interact with an unstoppable force of Warriors who all share the same goal...victory within ourselves! Dominick Izzo is a Cop, Christian and a Warrior. He is a 13 year veteran Police Officer, internationally renown Martial Artist, Author and Entrepreneur. He is a self proclaimed stubborn man, pride driven, VERY egocentric, assertive and what you may call "Type A". His passion is for helping others reach their fullest potential and achieve their deepest dreams and goals. "As a Warrior, I struggle, fight and go to battle with myself with inner wars that no one knows of. In that sense, we are all Warriors and it is my passion to help others see themselves as such. But before all that, I am one of the most unafraid, unapologetic and unwavering Christian men you will ever know. My Faith drives me toward success in all my goals in life, none greater than that of achieving my fullest potential as a servant to God and everyone I meet. I look forward to sharing my journey in Faith, Combat and Fitness with you and wish you all the very best in continued love and success in yours. Together, any war can be won." --- Dominick Izzo
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  • Learn UFC Champ Georges St-Pierre’s MMA Training Tactics

    What Martial Artists Can Learn From Georges St. Pierre.Even if you’re not a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, by now you’ve probably heard about the ease with which Georges St-Pierre systematically dismantled opponents such as B.J. Penn at the UFC 94. That victory was just part of a five-bout winning streak for the recently retired Canadian karateka and MMA fighter.

    Georges St-Pierre won the UFC welterweight championship twice — once in 2006 and again in 2008, as well as the interim title in 2007. In December 2013, St-Pierre vacated the title and decided to take some time off from the sport, though he left the door open for a return.

    In case you don’t have enough time to dissect his whole record and go through each fight, we thought we’d give you a breakdown of how he does it and how you can apply the lessons the champ has learned the hard way.

    Georges St-Pierre’s Athleticism

    Observation: “Georges St-Pierre is a gifted athlete,” says Lito Angeles, author of Fight Night! The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Mixed Martial Arts. “He was blessed with exceptional athleticism.”

    Explanation: That includes balance and an abundance of fast-twitch muscle fibers, Lito Angeles says. “You see his superior balance in the way he’s able to thwart takedowns. In his fight with Josh Koscheck, Koscheck tried to take him down. Georges St-Pierre did a catlike movement and managed to land on his feet. It was spectacular. No matter who he’s fighting, he’s always in a good position to do what he wants, whether he’s standing, in a clinch, doing a takedown, neutralizing a takedown or getting to side control. “Fast-twitch muscle fibers give him the capacity for explosive movements.”

    Action: “For the most part, you’re born with a certain amount of fast-twitch muscle fibers, but you can enhance what you have to some degree,” Lito Angeles says. “It’s the same for balance: You’re born with it, but it can be honed through hard training in the various disciplines that cover stand-up fighting, the clinch and the ground.”

    Get the inside track on another MMA fighting dynamo in this FREE download!
    Ronda Rousey: An Exclusive Interview With the Gene LeBell Protégé,
    Olympic Judo Medalist and MMA Fighter

    GSP’s Work Ethic

    Observation: “GSP has a work ethic that’s second to none,” Lito Angeles says. “He trains hard in a number of fighting disciplines with world-class people, and he doesn’t mind if he gets his butt kicked. Then he takes techniques from those disciplines and fits them into the MMA framework.”

    Explanation: Everybody he trains with is better than he is at that particular martial art, Lito Angeles says. “For example, he works out with Otis Grant, who’s a world boxing champion. If Georges St-Pierre fought Otis Grant in a boxing match, he’d lose, but if he fought Otis Grant or any of his other training partners in MMA, Georges St-Pierre would win because he combines the skills better.”

    Action: Don’t limit your training partners to just people you can beat. Spar with students who have a good chance of beating you, and when they do, learn from them. It’s the only way to get better.

    Georges St-Pierre’s Deadly Hands

    Observation: Georges St-Pierre has deadly hands.

    Explanation: “He trains in boxing, but he doesn’t use conventional boxing in the octagon,” Lito Angeles says. “He modifies it so his stance is a little wider, which enables him to counter takedowns better. And his distancing is a little farther away, which means his opponent doesn’t know if he’s going to punch or kick.”

    Action: If you’re into MMA, study conventional boxing but don’t plan on using it as is in competition because you’ll be taken down, Lito Angeles says. “The best place to learn MMA-modified boxing is in an MMA gym. It’s not a bad thing to study conventional boxing because it will teach you the mechanics needed to throw hard punches.

    “If you’re more into self-defense than MMA and you had to pick one established system to learn, it should be boxing. I’d modify it to use the palms instead of the fists because the palms have more structural integrity. Anything you can do with your fists, you can do with your palms.”

    GSP’s Kicking Techniques

    Observation: Georges St-Pierre can kick like a mule.

    Explanation: “He has great kicking skills because of his karate background,” Lito Angeles says. “His lead-leg round kick shows a kyokushin and muay Thai influence, but it’s not pure kyokushin or pure muay Thai. He makes his kicks fast and snappy. He doesn’t try to put full power into each one and blast his opponent to death. He uses mostly round kicks, often delivered from the lead leg. They’re very effective even though they were considered worthless in the early days of MMA. In his second fight with Matt Hughes, he TKO’d him with a lead-leg kick.

    Action: Study a hard-core kicking art like kyokushin or muay Thai, but remember that the techniques may not work unless you adapt them to MMA. “You have to be able to seamlessly integrate the kicks with punches, takedowns and takedown defense,” Lito Angeles says.

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    The Grappler’s Handbook: Gi and No-Gi Techniques

    Fight Night! The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Mixed Martial Arts

    Brazilian Jujutsu — Volume 2: No-Gi Techniques

    Georges St-Pierre’s Plan of Attack

    Observation: Georges St-Pierre knows knees and elbows.

    Explanation: “He uses them mostly on the ground, where he blends them with punches,” Lito Angeles says. “You don’t really see him use knees and elbows while he’s standing or in the clinch. He’s not much of a clinch fighter; he’s more likely to peck at you with strikes or just take you down.”

    Action: Even though Georges St-Pierre is sufficiently skilled to avoid having to fight in the clinch, you may not be so fortunate. Work on your clinch-fighting skills in case you’re trapped in that position, Lito Angeles says. Muay Thai is a great place to start.

    This FREE download will get elbows into your MMA game!
    Master Toddy’s MMA-Tested Muay Thai Techniques: 3 Elbow Attacks That Can Improve Your Fighting Game

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques

    Observation: Georges St-Pierre recognizes the value of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

    Explanation: “He trains with a world-class team in Canada and goes to Brazil to work out with the Gracie Barra team. When he’s on the ground, he doesn’t mind being in his opponent’s guard — he’ll just pound him. That’s when he uses the elbows.”

    Action: Learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu now, and if you want to compete in MMA forum, train without a gi.

    Georges St-Pierre’s Ground Fighting Style

    Observation: Georges St-Pierre has equipped himself with the submissions, escapes and reversals he needs to fight and win on the ground.

    Explanation: “However, he hasn’t really had to use them,” Lito Angeles says. “So far, he’s always been dominant on the ground. He’s the one who’s usually on top. But he did use an armbar to submit Hughes in their third fight.”

    Action: When it comes to grappling techniques, Lito Angeles says, you should focus on the basics — the armbar, kimura, rear-naked choke and triangle. “Forget about having a trick that no one else has seen. All the holds that are effective are being used. Why do fighters get caught in them? Because they work. There are more tricks when a gi is worn because you have more handles, but MMA is different.”

    GSP’s Wrestling Skills

    Observation: Georges St-Pierre is a fantastic wrestler — in fact, he trains with the Canadian Olympic Team.

    Explanation: “You see both Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling — Greco-Roman in the clinching and freestyle in the takedowns,” Lito Angeles says. “He’s the best takedown artist in MMA right now.”

    Action: “Pick a base art according to what you gravitate to, but know that wrestling is generally regarded as the best base because of its training methodologies,” Lito Angeles says. “In addition to developing great balance and teaching you how to execute and counter takedowns, wrestling is easily mixed with techniques from other arts. Most MMA fighters who come from wrestling are able to pick up the necessary striking skills easily. “Unfortunately, there are few wrestling schools for adults. Your best option is to go to a local high school, junior college or university and speak with the wrestling coach. He may not let you practice, but you might be able to hook up with someone with the same interests.”

    Georges St-Pierre Mental Strategy

    Observation: Georges St-Pierre is a master of the mental game.

    Explanation: “He’s proved that he’s mentally strong,” Lito Angeles says. “Even though he lost to Matt Serra and Matt Hughes, he had a winning streak before and after. Either loss could have broken a lesser fighter, but Georges St-Pierre used them to improve himself.”

    Action: Part of mental strength comes from the environment you were raised in, Lito Angeles says. “But it definitely can be developed — to a greater extent than physical attributes, even. The best way to do that is through rigorous physical preparation. When I interviewed Georges St-Pierre, I asked him how he strengthens himself before a fight. He said, ‘It’s all in the preparation.’ It’s like studying hard before a test.”

    Visualize the Win

    Observation: Georges St-Pierre uses visualization to program himself for success.

    Explanation: “He pumps himself up with positive thoughts, seeing himself winning and putting himself in difficult situations and getting out of them,” Lito Angeles says.

    Action: You can create the same kinds of virtual fights and envision yourself overcoming the odds. “Just accept that you’re a human being who can be caught at any time,” Lito Angeles says. “If that happens, don’t let it set you back.”

    How GSP Analyzes His Opponent’s Strategies

    Observation Georges St-Pierre strategizes.

    Explanation: He studies his opponents, Lito Angeles says. “He tries to figure out his opponent’s strengths and use them against him. Against Koscheck, Georges St-Pierre out-wrestled him. Beating a guy at his best thing can get into his brain.”

    Action: If you compete at a level that allows you to know who your next opponent will be, study the way he fights, Angeles says. Against an unknown adversary on the street, think pre-emption. “You have to read the pre-fight indicators and attack first,” Angeles says. “You should always assume that he’s as good or better than you, that he’s carrying a weapon and that he has friends. Strike first. This is how a lesser-skilled person can beat a more-skilled person. It’s where MMA and self-defense part ways. Sport fighting is technically more difficult than street fighting, but street fighting has greater potential consequences.

  • Stage Arnis Kali avec Master Dani Faynot en août 2014


    http://www.IMAGINARTS.tv présente quelques photos du stage Arnis Kali Doblete Rapilon qui a eu lieu en août 2014 en Avyron. Retrouvez tous les DVD de Master Faynot sur
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  • Goodies#63 : Grand reportage en Ouzbékistan


    L'Uzbek Jang Sanaty puise ses racines au cœur de la tradition. L'éventail des techniques est très large : ils possède des techniques de coups, de lutte, de maniement de sabre, d'épée et de bâton long et court. Partez avec le reporter de Karaté Bushido dans les temples dOuzbékistan ! Reportage : Cyril Guenet -MDV COMMUNICATION pour Karaté Bushido
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    Time: 06:59 More in Sports

  • Ice Bucket Challenge: Master Ken


    Star of "Enter The Dojo" and creator of Ameri-Do-Te, Master Ken accepts the ice bucket challenge along with his student Todd Woodland. Please remember to donate to ALS: http://www.alsa.org/donate/
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    Time: 01:07 More in Comedy

  • SILAT BUKA LINGKARAN : Biringham Seminar 03/08/14


    http://www.silatopencircle.com : "Birmingham Seminar" 03/08/14 Here's a small glimpse of the 4 hour seminar hosted by SBL's Glen Lloyd at the Scout Hut, Water Orton, Birmingham. The theme of the seminar was on knife defence and this clip shows few of the techniques done on the day. Hope you enjoy! Regular seminars are now being held throughout UK, France, Germany, Italy, Orange County and Chicago USA. You can now come and experience Silat Open Circle in person at one of Alvin's SBL seminar. Open to the public, martial artist of all levels, both male and female. For further details on SBL, the latest news and events please goto http://www.silatopencircle.com or like us at www.facebook.com/SilatBukaLing­­­­­karan Hope you enjoy the clip!
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    Time: 03:24 More in Education

  • Rolled Up Clark Gracie Premiere Trailer


    Brought to you by http://www.Budovideos.com 7495 Anaconda Ave. Garden Grove CA 92841 800.451.4828 Follow us on http://www.facebook.com/budo4life and http://www.twitter.com/budovideos
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